24/7 formerly known as Ricen Shine

24/7 Meal Replacement is an all natural, low-glycemic, low calorie meal replacement drink made with stabilized rice bran derivatives.

It is a unique nutritional formulation, which delivers all the essential amino acids, all the essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin E complex, a broad complex of vitamin B, 120 naturally-occurring antioxidants including gamma-oryzanol. **Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol, which include two servings of foods that provide a daily total of at least 800 mg. of phytosterols in two meals, may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Although not a vitamin supplement, 24/7 is a meal replacement that is superior to ordinary vitamins in many ways. Most of the nutrients are derived from a single whole food source, they work synergistically for enhanced benefits. You would need a costly arsenal of vitamins, herbal supplements and meal shakes to equal the complete nourishment that one serving of Rice ‘n Shine™ supplies.

Most importantly, 24/7 is delicious, filling and satisfying just like a meal – because it is!

What can Rice ‘n Shine™ do for you?
Rice ‘n Shine’s™ powerful rice bran, Risolubles® formula delivers results that you can see and feel. Feel energized and lighter often in as few as 48 hours! But you’ll soon discover that the most priceless benefits aren’t visible in a mirror:

The Nutrients. The Benefits.

Antioxidants – Coenzyme Q10, phytonutrients Help fight free radicals and premature aging.
B-vitamins Great for energy
Whey protein Feeds muscle tissue to help maximize caloric burn.
Vitamin C & E Natural and powerful antioxidants, these vitamins are associated with numerous health benefits.
Phytosterols Promotes a healthy heart.**
Fiber Eases digestion and helps cleanses your digestive tract.
Essential Fatty Acids – Omega-3, Omega-6, Oleic Acid The benefits of these nutrients are well documented.